Connecting Windsor Along Off-Street Trails.

The Windsor Class I Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails Study explores ways to implement a network of off-street trails throughout the Town. The Study will screen, prioritize, and determine costs associated with implementation of the Town’s trail project.  This will help our community to develop a strategy for trail implementation:

·         For inclusion in future Capital Improvement Programs,

·         To pursue grant funding for community trails, and/or

·         To be included in partnership with others as part of future development projects.  

This study complements other plans such the Windsor Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, and the Connecting Windsor – East-West Pedestrian & Cyclists Connection Study, the Shiloh Vision Plan and others to reflect community priorities. This will result in a new Town-Wide Plan that clearly defines and prioritizes the Town’s proposed trail projects and related improvements.

Our Goal

The objective of the Study is to complete an audit of existing conditions of the Town’s current trail network; to prepare cost estimates for the Town’s proposed trail projects and related improvements; to gather input from the public, stakeholders, and responsible public agencies regarding trails; to develop a prioritized list of individual trail projects; and to provide initial environmental screening of the proposed projects.